An Island Retreat

Don’t get your hopes up, I have never been to an island!

Living on a farm tends to give you some serious roots.  It’s hard to justify a vacation away somewhere when so many lives are depending on you.  Sure, I could hire a farm-sitter, but there is one major problem with that.  You see, I am one of those people who expects everything to be done just as I would do it.  The animals are all used to our feeding routine, which I hate to deviate from.  Also, knowing the animals is extremely important, there are times that the feed may need to be adjusted.  If someone is feeling under the weather, we may need to give them some Pro-bios.  With the horse and pony we worry about things like colic.  What if a sow is due to farrow?  Did the water buckets get filled?

What if there were to be a power outage?  The majority of our fences are run off an electric fence charger.  The last thing I want to hear while I am miles away is that the cows or pigs are running the streets of Middleton!

Those are just a few things that go through my head in the instant I have to think about leaving the farm.  That’s not to say that I never leave.  Many times Marcus and I have to divide and conquer.  As you will recall, my children show their animals.  From April to October we have intermittent  fairs and youth shows.  Usually this requires the kids and I to live out of the travel trailer on location.  That leaves Marcus at home with the cats, dogs and  any livestock that hasn’t come with us.

I don’t know what stresses me out more, getting the kids organized with their animals at the shows or leaving the farm.  Either way, I am always beyond grateful to return home.

So how does the island come into all of this?  I am a huge Survivor fan!  So much so, that there is a standing rule in my family.  Everyone knows not to call our house during Survivor.  The occasional “oops” phone call does happen, but if it isn’t an emergency there is punishment!  I have become quite creative with the delivery of a “Voo-Doo” item to those who make the error.  It has been a unique wicker chair and a tall wooden tribal man, it just depends on my mood and what I find at the time.  I know it seems harsh, but the way I see it, “Outwit, Outlast, Outplay”!

With all that said, I must go.  The islands will be calling very soon!!


5 thoughts on “An Island Retreat

  1. Yup, it’s pretty nerve wracking to leave the farm. I can be here for days on end and nothing will happen. But if I leave for a few hours, before I’m gone 10 minutes, the pigs will have torn their door off the barn and the cows will have jumped the fence. Ahhggg!!

    Vacations for our family consists of day trips. It usually takes a week to get the farm ready for our absence. Then I am still having twinges of worry the whole time I’m away. Lol.

    My getaway-at-home this winter has been the BBC Farm Series. I’m currently trying to finish the Edwardian Farm episodes before I run out of dark evening hours to relax in.


  2. Exactly Sarah! We also take day trips on occasion. The kids and my husband always enjoy a day away from the farm, but I end up more stressed out. By the time we return, my shoulders are rock hard and my neck stiff with tension. The relaxation for me comes when we pull back into the driveway and I can confirm that all is as it should be!


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