Flashback Friday 1

I thought it might be fun to take Fridays and turn them into a stroll down Memory Lane.  Childhood is a nice place to start.

I have loved animals as long as I can remember.  I grew up showing chickens, ducks and geese with the 4-H at our local fair.  We always had poultry running around the yard.  With that, there was an ample supply of poop.  I remember my sister being particularly fond of the goose poop.  She would seek it out, only to step right on it!  You see, my sister loved to get that sticky goose poop plastered to the bottom of her feet just so she could peel it off.  Fun stuff!

We had a wonderful garden.  It was always great fun to see how big we could get our pumpkins to grow.  Every year we would each select our best pumpkin and enter it in the fair.  We did a lot at our local fair.IMG_3806

We also had a horse when I was younger.  Boy, he was my whole world!  What else would a little girl dream of?  A horse!  My riding buddy’s name was Ben, he was a Morgan.  You could do just about anything with this horse.  I remember chickens climbing on his back while my sister went back and forth through his legs like they were May poles!

Ben and I competed at the N-BAR-H, a local riding club that still exists today!  I had a great T-shirt from the club.  It had a whimsical cartoon horse, with a big goofy head, standing in a fence, with a little pile of manure just behind him.  It said, “N-BAR-H’ers Do It In The Ring!”  I always thought it was quite clever.

Growing up, I remember having a few different dogs in our lives.  The first one I can remember is an old Yellow Lab named Danny.  He stands out in my mind as a dog with incredible strength.  He was an outdoor dog, always chained to a doghouse.  Okay, maybe not always, he had a tendency to break the chain and run.  That has a lot to do with why he was around for such a short amount of time.  It was sad when I learned that he had been shot and killed when he got into someone’s trash.

We also had Cocker Spaniels and a Toy Poodle.  But the dog of my youth that stands out the most is the one who journeyed with me to adulthood.  Her name was Lady.  She had belonged to a breeder that had intended to show her, for whatever reason she was not eligible for showing.  We got her when she was just a year old.  For 12 years she was my best friend.  She was a beautiful tri-colored Collie.  After losing her I thought I could never live with another Collie again, I just thought it would be like trying to replace her.  So for years, I never did.  But, there is more to that story for another day.




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