Moving a Farm!

I expect this will be a crazy story over the next couple weeks! If you have ever wondered what it takes to move an entire Farm from NH to the Florida Panhandle, this is where you will find out!

This has been a plan six years in the making! It is quite surreal now that we are finally packing things away and loading up the truck!

As if the whole process of selling a home and moving isn’t stressful enough try adding in 12 cows, 12 sheep, 4 dogs, 2 cats, a barn full of farming equipment and a family of five!

The stress has taken its toll already. My blood pressure has jumped through the roof, the kids are stressed and worried about leaving friends behind, the weather has been a miserable winter mess, almost anything that can go wrong has! There is nothing like the sudden panic that comes on when you are two days from moving day and the hauler you had lined up for your herd of cattle has backed out! Talk about a mad rush! If it wasn’t for the fantastic 4-H family we have we may well have been in a terrible bind! Thankfully we were able to find another hauler last minute, friendly, professional and willing to help!

So keep an eye out for some updates and photos of the journey later this week!