I’m Not Fly

Who am I?  For starters, I am new to the world of blogging. I am the mother of three children that make it impossible to experience boredom. I am also the wife of a wonderful man who works endlessly for our family and the Delk Family Farm.  I can be found substitute teaching, volunteering for the 4-H and working with the residents of our little farm.  It’s normal for me to spend an entire day on a set of bleachers rooting for a basketball game, soccer game, gymnastics meet or livestock show! Or spend the whole day in the barn watching a litter of piglets enter the world.

“How do you juggle it all?” is one of the questions I get the most.  To be honest, it doesn’t always come easy.  When appointments start overlapping, my stress level goes through the roof!  There is nothing like packing up for a local fair and living out of a camper so the kids can show their cows, pigs and sheep!  At times it can be quite overwhelming.  Yet somehow I manage to pull it all together in the end.

Just as the saying goes, it truly does take a village. We have been blessed with a supportive family who is always there to lend a hand.  Whether it is helping to butcher a pig or helping in the barn during farrowing season, someone is always willing.  Friends can always be counted on when we need them too!

This blog is just a peek into the window of my world.  Welcome to my adventures in everyday life.  As you can imagine there is never a dull moment living on a farm, regardless of the size.  Stop on by and join me on this wild and amazing journey!  While you are here, say hello to Fly!