Spring or Winter?

Just another day on the farm. Everything went as it usually does.  Living in New Hampshire you learn to expect twists and turns with the weather. Even though the calendar tells me it is Spring and we had warm, wonderful weather just a few days ago, Winter reared its ugly head today!  That’s right, we woke to a blanket of snow on the ground and a steady supply continued to fall throughout the day.  The people who are closest to me know that this white stuff is not a welcome sight.  But since there is no point in arguing with Mother Nature, I just press on with my day.

Today that means an early morning phone call requesting my presence at school.

Substitute teaching  qualifies for adventure in itself!  You never know what kind of day you are in store for.  Today turned out to be less exciting than usual. Spending only the morning half of my day in the kindergarten assigned to one friend.  Usually the kindergarten is pretty a busy and exciting place to be!  The children have so much energy, imagination and creativity. But today was a bit different and I have to think it is due to the weather. You see, I spent about an hour and a half of my time with one very tired little friend!  He fell asleep!  That’s right, his adventure was in dream land. Meanwhile, I was less than comfy on a cold, hard floor, cradling his head as he slumbered.

I could completely understand his need for a nap!  After all, the shifting of the seasons does the same thing to me!

Luckily I got to spend the afternoon with my husband and sweet little Fly!  It was a great treat before I headed off to pick up Russell and Becca from school.

I wish I could say we went home from there and spent the rest of the day toasty warm in the house. As you recall, I have very busy children. Today’s activity required a long snowy drive to gymnastics.  With all the cars off the road as I travelled it was obvious that we had Spring long enough for everyone to forget how to drive in slick winter conditions.

But the day ends, as it always does, with animals and family being fed.

Maybe tomorrow Spring will return!!

  Friday we spent the day outside in the Spring weather.

Today it was very clearly Winter!